Introducing MATE Desktop

Welcome to the MATE Desktop Environment!

Gnome 2 was the most popular Linux desktop but it’s no longer available… MATE is here to provide that same desktop to you :)

Perberos initially forked Gnome 2 and called the project MATE. Users and developers have successfully run MATE on Arch Linux and due to popular demand Perberos made it easier for MATE to compile under Debian.

Stefano Karapetsas and Clement Lefebvre then joined the project and packaged it for Debian and Linux Mint. The MATE desktop was featured in Linux Mint 12 and is now quickly gaining momentum.

Our top priority is to improve MATE and for it to be on par, in terms of features and stability, with Gnome 2.32. We’ll port themes, applets, and applications which were developed for Gnome 2, and help developers port their applications to this new desktop.

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