MATE Desktop Roadmap Reshuffle

A few days ago Stefano Karapetsas posted an announcement on the mate-dev mailing list outlining the decision to reshuffle the MATE Desktop roadmap.

Essentially GTK3 support for MATE has been pushed back to MATE 1.10 because there is still a good deal of work to be done to get it really stable. Therefore MATE 1.8 will continue to be based GTK2, although GTK3 applications integrate nicely just as they did in MATE 1.6. The updated roadmap is available on our wiki:

This decision was made because the current development version of MATE is stable, incorporates many new features, improvements and bug fixes. We want to get all that “good stuff” ™ out to our users so they can benefit from the advancements we’ve made sooner.

You can read the original mailing post and follow-up comments below:

  • [Split MATE 1.8 roadmap]

The feedback we’ve had so far about this decision has been positive. What do you think?

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