MATE Desktop discussion forums are closing

It is with regret that we are informing you all that the MATE Desktop forums are closing with immediate effect.

For sometime now the forum moderators have struggled to keep up with the pace of discussion, combatting spam and new registrations. The original forum administrators are no longer actively participating in the MATE Desktop forums either. It is therefore unfortunate that we have decided to close the MATE Desktop forums and we encourage anyone seeking MATE support to head to one of the following distribution specific forums:

MATE Desktop also has official threads in various distribution forums:

MATE Desktop discussion can also be found on Twitter.

We’d like to thank the MATE Desktop forum moderators, past and present, for all the time and effort they’ve invested into the forums over the years and hope to see them find moderator roles in some of the discussion forums we’ve highlighted above.

Should anyone want to take on the administration and moderation of the MATE Desktop forums then please come and chat with the MATE Desktop team in the #mate-dev IRC and Matrix channel on Libera Chat. We can potentially reactivate the forums.

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