Server Outage

The server that runs this website went offline without notice yesterday. We don’t know why and we’ve had no contact from our server host. We do have complete backups, no data has been lost. We’ve started to restore services and the outstanding service will be reinstated as time permits over the holiday period.

We will update this page as services come back online.

What is the impact?

This services are currently down, listed in order of restore priority

  • - The mailing lists, which are rarely used.
  • - The forums, which we started shutting down earlier in the year and are locked.

What has been restored?


21st December

  • Bytemark offer to sponsor MATE Desktop hosting to help us overcome the server outage with our previous provider.
  • Restored and

22nd December

  • Restored
  • Restored

23nd December

  • Restored

2nd January

  • Restored

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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